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Frequently Asked Questions

Are releases distributed in raw text only?

If you like, we can also circulate a fully formatted PDF with your logo and other graphics. Just email us your standard release template and the necessary image files, and we will replicate them for a file attachment. We will also be offering other upgrades and refinements, including video attachments, in future.

When we do a multi-market release, our primary release distributor circulates the release in Africa. Why do we need Africa Investor Newswire?

African business news rarely makes international headlines – why? Because Africa lacks a wire service that can claim universal and international coverage. We use email and fax to make sure your release gets to specific individuals within all news organisations – individuals we know to have responsibility for and interest in incoming material.

Can Africa investor assist write news releases?

Yes. Ai is a leading international communications company with media, public relations and investor relations experience. We assist clients develop media strategies through to the design and implementation of corporate campaigns. These services are delivered continent wide and through our offices in South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Great Britain and America.

Who is behind Africa Investor Newswire?

Ai Newswire is a specialist service of Africa investor Research, a pan African financial media and research company specialising in supporting the needs of international companies with interests in Africa. Africa investor enjoys extensive links with local and international media organisations which adds significant value to clients campaigns.