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About Ai Newswire

Are you looking to get your company news and financial results distributed professionally to the world’s media, financial community and consumers? Draft your press releases and Ai Newswire will do the rest.

Africa Investor Newswire – Ai Newswire – is a full-service news distribution system designed to bring distant newsmakers into direct and constructive contact with African and international news gatherers and opinion leaders.

Ai Newswire is developed by Africa investor’s communication specialists and designed to address the difficult realities of public and media relations in Africa. These include:

  • National wire services – on which international release distributors rely as their pipeline into newsrooms – are fragmented and unable to deliver comprehensive coverage
  • Editorial budget restrictions limit follow-up reportage
  • Severe lack of internationally-experienced financial PR agencies to support domestic and foreign-based campaigns

Ai Newswire’s delivery system is comprehensive, covering all the news organizations omitted by the international release wires and targeting Africa’s growing specialist investment and trade publishing industry.

Through Ai newswire companies can direct press releases and announcements to a wide range of critical audiences globally, including analysts, fund managers, the news media, the investment community, government decision-makers, and the general public.

Global and local distribution

Your press releases, corporate broadcast clips and annual results announcements will be distributed to targeted local media and globally via the largest news aggregators present on the worldwide web. Which includes:

AcquireMedia Comtex Dialog
Factiva LexisNexis
MarketWatch NewsTex ProQuest
Thomson Gale Thomson West TrackData